Rachel is my first professional copy editor. She works with great efficiency and care, and returns the finished work promptly. In addition to editing my work, she often provides a special list of suggestions on style. Her work experience with many other scholars in my field is also a good asset, for she knows the editing conventions in the field. Previously, having some native speakers of English editing my work used to be a headache to me. After being introduced to Rachel, I had no more headaches!

— Yongtao Du, Assistant Professor of Asian History, Oklahoma State University

Rachel is a great editor, and I have benefited a lot from her editing. She is careful and meticulous. Her editing has made my manuscripts more concise and clearer. I feel that the quality of my manuscripts have improved considerably after Rachel’s editing. Rachel is knowledgeable about my field. She has pointed out some of my typos–mistakes of names and places that other editors might not be able to find. She is also familiar with the styles of footnotes, and she has helped me with correcting many style mistakes. In summary, a great editor and I would like to work with her whenever I need editing.

— Haiwei Liu, Research Fellow, Hunan University, China

I have been working with Rachel for two years. She is remarkably professional, able to detect the tiniest errors (numbers, dates, inconsistent spellings, etc.) in time. She gives me, a non-native speaker, confidence that my ideas have been accurately delivered and will stand up to the most critical scrutiny. She is always accommodating and reliable. She edited every piece I sent to her with the greatest care, no matter the length, genre, and content.

— PhD candidate, Princeton University

Rachel is a very precise editor who can spot even the smallest error. At the same time, she respects the writer’s voice and never forces her own style on the text she edits. I very much appreciate the combination of those characteristics.

— PhD candidate

Our Homelessness and Brain Injury Resource Manual was dated and the resources identified in the manual were not the most current or up to date. Resource development is a huge part of our job as case managers at our agency, Neuro-Rehab Management, Inc.  After updating the information in the manual, we contracted with Rachel Schneewind to complete the editing of the manual.  Not only was Ms. Schneewind professional and knowledgeable in her field, she was highly capable and a pleasure to work with, and produced a well-organized, well-coordinated final version of the manual.  She met our agreed-upon timeline for the completion of the project. Overall, the experience was positive, and we would definitely contract with Ms. Schneewind again in the future.

— Mary Roach, Director, Neuro-Rehab Management, Inc., Woburn, Massachusetts

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